Identify worker and task risks

Risk management is the key to workplace injury prevention. The JobFit System readily identifies jobs, tasks and workers with manual handling or health and hygiene risk factors with flags and group features.

Risk Factor Locator

To maximise the use of your valuable data, we have added a new feature to the JobFit System called the 'Risk Factor Locator'. Simply enter the parameters you would like to target, such as frequent stooping or lifting overhead more than 20kg or even combinations of factors, and the Risk Factor Locator will search the selected database. Within only a few moments a list of tasks within your organisation that meet those criteria will be displayed. You can apply these same procedures to health and hygiene measures for your worker and task data.

Link data

You already have your own risk assessment tool? That's ok. The JobFit System task information allows you to record the score in the same record. You can even attach other files, such as photos, incident histories and claims costs to individual tasks and workers.

"Fitting Workers to Jobs
and Jobs to Workers."

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