Manage employee health and wellness

Employee wellness goes beyond 'just meeting the standards'. The JobFit System has a number of features to help you to manage the health and wellness of your workforce. This is particularly useful for employers faced with the concerns of an ageing workforce.

Identify Trends

Within seconds, the JobFit System can graph a worker's functional status throughout the course of their employment. This feature can help you not only to identify changes in their capacity, but it also allows you to measure the effectiveness of any interventions or wellness programs. Add on an assessment at the end of employment and you have an objective recording of their status for any future claims. The JobFit System essentially becomes a 'living document.'

Visualise progress

The same graphing function can also be used by employers and rehab providers to monitor a worker's progress during injury rehabilitation. This is particularly useful for graphing progress during work conditioning and work hardening programs - a useful marketing tool for rehab providers

Conduct health surveillance

The JobFit System's heath & hygiene function assists employers to schedule health-related assessments such as routine health surveillance, spirometry, audiometry and fitness tests as well as monitor voluntary wellness factors such as smoking and exercise habits.

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