Prevent work-related musculoskeletal disorders

Employers have a duty of care to their workers not to put them directly in harmís way. The first priority is redesigning or altering the demands of the job to better match them with the capabilities of the workforce. However there comes a time when further changes in a job can be cost-prohibitive or technically infeasible at that time. An alternative approach is fitting the worker to the job.

Develop job-specific functional assessments

The JobFit Systemís easy-to-read objective data allows the employer and rehab provider to develop job-specific functional assessments within seconds. Whether they are used in the pre-employment, post-offer or pre-placement process, or even as part of job transfer procedures ae programs, the objective data-matching process of the 'JobFit' reports can help to answer your question: "Does the worker fit the job?

"Fitting Workers to Jobs
and Jobs to Workers."


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