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We are working together to reduce workplace injuries and increase productivity

EML Customers are eligible for a
20% discount on new JobFit System software subscriptions

Safely match worker abilities to job demands

Same day return to work
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Savings in claim costs*
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Gains in productivity**

*Based on direct compensation payments by type 2015-16 in Australian Government:  Safe Work Australia. Comparative Performance Monitoring Report Part 3 – Premium, Entitlements and Scheme Performance. 19th Edn May 2018.

**Based on Median time lost for injury and musculoskeletal disorders 2017-2018.   Australian Government: Safe Work Australia. Australian Workers’ Compensation Statistics 2018-19.

Increase value with your JobFit System Data

Job and Task demands can be used for

Work Abilities can be used too

EML Offers is intended to deliver value to our customers that exceeds their expectations. That is why we have selected JobFit Systems for our initial Technology Offer – their service is great and their technology platform provides significant benefits.

Amber Nolan
Mutual Benefits Product Manager, EML

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