JobFit System —

Compare a worker’s physical abilities to job demands with confidence.

JobFit System helps control the number and costs of workplace injuries from

The patented JobFit System is made up of two halves.

Task information

The physical movements required for each job.

Worker information

The physical capabilities of each worker.

Both sets of data are compared to quickly show what the worker can do, can’t do, and how to close the gap in-between.

Quickly design job-specific assessments to meet anti-discrimination requirements

Objectively match the worker to the job for safe and productive job placement

Clearly identify the musculoskeletal injury risks for an individual to manage them together

Record reliable baseline data to measure change from pre-hire to retire
Match worker abilities to task demands to take the guesswork out of suitable duties plans

Find tasks in their usual role or other roles for meaningful productive work

Highlight other potential barriers to the return to work process

See progress during the return to work process with quick graphs
Search your job task data to find high risk tasks within minutes

Track physical demand improvements across your organisation

Change the settings in your database to tailor risk assessment ratings
Avoid the ‘one-size-fits-some’ approach and tailor your programs to specific needs for ageing workers and chronic disease prevention and management

Track next due dates and scheduled appointment dates for your health assessments

Compare health and hygiene criteria to medical results for individual risk management

Health providers can deliver better treatment plans, return to work and fitness for duty assessments.

Corporate Work Health Australia use the JobFit System PEFA as it offers a robust and sound system that meets both our business and customers’ needs. Training and support offered by JobFit System is second to none and they offer both a referral source and network of health professionals across Australia.

Heath Williams and Wade Brennan, Directors
Corporate Work Health Australia

Increase value with your JobFit System Data

Job & Task Demands can be used for

  • More than one purpose
  • More than one worker
  • More than one occasion

Worker Abilities can be used to

  • Communicate to more than one person
  • Compare to more than job
  • Compare progress over time
We have developed a great partnership with JobFit System and their dedication has been evident throughout our dealings. The team have always gone above and beyond to meet our needs.

Sue Allkins
HSE Advisor QLD, MSS Security

Keeping workers and companies safer across Australia and the rest of the world.


JobFit System takes the security of your information seriously. Your data will be stored in state-of-the-art data centres operated by Microsoft Azure, compliant with all major security control frameworks.

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